Refyn Inc.

Refyn Inc.

Web Developer Intern



Refyn has developed a series of Machine Learning and Cognitive Artificial Intelligence algorithms (two USPTO patents) that can provide a superior site search experience without the additional administration of training and indexing your site.

Refyn is the first site search product that is truly Artificially Intelligent. It doesn’t return hundreds of thousands of results, only the results the customer wants. Refyn understands what users type, as they type it, filtering keystrokes through its advanced AI, and providing accurate results by quickly learning user intent.

We are looking for a geek to join us to take care with the web development of the Refyn flagship site search solution.


We are developing the next generation of AI driven search and error correction algorithms in critical software systems.
You will be responsible for physical software development using mainly PHP and jQuery.
Your first role will be to design and implementation of Web Hooks for tracking Refyn's API usage and for the billing
WordPress/Magento/Shopify plugins.
Continue development of our Site Search plugins, Web Dashboard and API.


* Fluent in web development - advanced coding skills in HTML/5, PHP, JavaScript, C#, jQuery, AJAX, JSON, CSS, CSS3, XML, API’s, Apache
* PHP based website and backend dashboard

Bonus Qualifications

* Unity and mobile apps maintenance
* Knowledge of SEO, SEM, and other online marketing channels

Other Notes

Toronto or anywhere in Canada
Job Type
February 10, 2021
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