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Refyn Inc. is seeking a CEO and Co-Founder. The CEO will work alongside the present founder mentioned below in the teams section and be a critical force behind Refyn’s AI platform. Our exciting multi-year plan will be shared with candidates who receive an interview.
Our Mission
Refyn Inc. is a Startup in the Cognitive Artificial Intelligence field. We are developing the next generation of AI-driven search and error correction algorithms in critical software systems.
Investors and partners who saw our presentation were awestruck! Typical customers gain $330k/year in “would-be-lost” sales using Refyn.
Our startup has and will continue to focus on the customer problem of low conversion rates due to the gap between what the visitor wants and what the inventory actually looks like. For example, if the visitors are searching for “4x4” while this term is not in the database, all search engines today, including Google, will show “not found” - Refyn will display the Jeep and SUV as its AI cognition understands the visitor’s intention.
The next evolution will hit big retailers (we're developing use cases for big-box Canadian retailers), big-data (cyber-crime, banking), autonomous cars systems and a better-than-Google search engine in the far horizon.
We are looking for a passionate leader who is looking to expand our strong user-centric online experience, and the next generation Artificial Intelligence startup empire.


As Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, you will help realize our vision by taking ownership of critical activities such as investment exploration, market sizing, financial modelling, team growth, access to capital, exposed to Refyn’s patents & IP, and develop partnership opportunities.
You will be taking part in formulating the strategic direction of the company including prioritizing technology architecture decisions, identifying new market segments, and new revenue models.
Co-Founder will have the opportunity to assess and determine where to rebuild vs where to redesign, and will have ownership of personnel decisions and the opportunity to build the team.


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Next Step:
Refyn Inc. is growing in YSpace Incubator at York University. As participants, we are currently working alongside industry professionals and forging new connections with experienced entrepreneurs, including successful founders.

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