Founder Fundamentals -Building a Social Enterprise

September 21, 2021 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Founder Fundamentals -Building a Social Enterprise @ Webinar

Founder Fundamentals is an 11-week virtual workshop series designed to help you kickstart your entrepreneurial career.

About Founder Fundamentals

Interested in building your entrepreneurial skills to launch your startup? 

YSpace, York University’s entrepreneurship hub, is partnering with the Markham Small Business Centre (MSBC) to host a 12-week virtual educational program called Founders Fundamentals. The workshop series is designed to help participants gain the basic skills and understanding necessary to start a business. The ultimate goal is to provide participants with an educational platform, while connecting them with local resources for potential next steps as they progress in their entrepreneurial ventures. This special “ELLA Edition” of Founder Fundamentals is held in collaboration with ELLA, York University’s community for women entrepreneurs, and will feature women facilitators with workshops designed to support our diverse community of aspiring and early-stage entrepreneurs. 

Individuals who attend at least 9 out of the 11 workshops will receive an Innovation York Certificate of Completion, illustrating their dedication to learning about the essentials of launching a successful business.

About the Workshop

Traditionally we think of businesses, charities and entrepreneurship as completely different worlds. Businesses sell products or services to make a profit, charities purposely work to address social issues and entrepreneurs strive to innovate. However, increasingly, socially-minded entrepreneurs and innovative nonprofits are tearing down the wall between these worlds. They are merging profit, purpose and innovation to create a powerful new hybrid: the social enterprise. Profitable businesses that innovatively and sustainably tackle problems locally, nationally or internationally. In this workshop, you will get an introduction to social entrepreneurship, and in particular, you will learn:
-What is a Social Enterprise and what makes it unique, and;
-The Rewards and Challenges of building a social enterprise.

About the Presenter

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